What We Offer

Children and Youth Classes

Start your child on a journey that will last a lifetime. The Kung Fu Academy knows the value of confidence and respect for children. Our black belt instructors are trained in the learning needs of all ages. From little dragons ages 5-10, to flying tigers ages 10-15.

Kids classes are structured towards self-development whether it be balance, focus, self-control, fitness. Deep breathing exercises allow students to calm themselves down when necessary. This technique helps us deal with such feelings as anger and anxiety. Kicking, blocking, punching and sound focus (yelling), at Kung fu Academy allows students to release tension and aggression in a controlled environment while learning self-defense in a fun but disciplined manner.

Adult Classes

At Kung fu Academy the process of imparting knowledge, techniques, skills and attitude are aimed at improving the performance of the individual using methods appropriate to their ability. Skill classes are designed to develop strength through knowledge, all belt classes are cardio classes structured to your ability and always improving health. The only person you compete against is yourself at Kung fu Academy.

Family Classes

At Kung Fu Academy we are honored to host entire families as students. Training with your family can be a fun and productive way to build strong relationships and help indivuals understand each other on a fundamental level. It is also a great way to share a common interest and spend some quality time with your entire family.

Relaxation and Massage

Relaxation and reparation are extremely important in building strength, gaining flexibility, and in general fitness. Relax and rebuild with a professional massage session from Tammy Holland.

Balance is the key to happiness — balance in mind and in body.


"You have given our kids confidence to pursue they're dreams, to stand up for what they believe in. Confidence to keep trying to do their best in whatever endeavor they choose. You and your staff have embraced the idea that kungfu is for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. And for that we are indebted. Thank you for everything over the years."

--Chris and Barb Yates

"We LOVE Kung Fu Academy! Seriously can't sing enough praise. We have tried other martial arts, and by far Bob and Tammy are the most dedicated and focused teachers. The instructor/student ratio is amazing for beginners, someone is always right there to correct so postures are learned correctly from the start. I love all the theory - confidence building, public speaking, eye contact, manners - and life skills aspects, I am already seeing my 6 yr old son bringing them out in the world. I love that the students learn about authentic accountability - something I feel to be lacking in our world. Bob and Tammy are both fantastic with the kids and they learn all this while having a seriously great time. I feel in the short time that I trained with them (mothers day may) I learned a lot about myself I did not know, and I feel stronger and more confident. I want my whole family to join!"

--Kristen Awram

"Honestly, this is such an amazing place! Teaching more than just techniques, I feel Bob & Tammy are setting my son up for life skills & success. I am SO happy we are a part of this family! If you've ever been just sitting on the fence regarding joining yourself, or signing your child up for Kung fu. DO IT! I have seen my son grow into a confident, athletic, happy & healthy boy. He LOVES kung fu! Bonus, is that I get to join in sometimes too!"

--Rebecca Gunderson

Victoria Kung Fu Academy