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Balance is the key to happiness.

Balance in mind and in body.



Children and Youth Classes

Start your child on a journey that will last a lifetime. Our black belt instructors are trained in the learning needs of all ages. From little dragons ages 5-10, to flying tigers ages 10-15. Kids classes are structured towards self-development whether it be balance, focus, self-control, or fitness. Deep breathing exercises allow students to calm themselves down when necessary. This technique helps us deal with such feelings as anger and anxiety. Kicking, blocking, punching and sound focus (yelling), at Kung fu Academy allows students to release tension and aggression in a controlled environment while learning self-defense in a fun but disciplined manner.

Adult Classes

At Kung fu Academy the process of imparting knowledge, techniques, skills and attitude are aimed at improving the performance of the individual using methods appropriate to their ability. Skill classes are designed to develop strength through knowledge, all belt classes are cardio classes structured to your ability and always improving health. The only person you compete against is yourself at Kung fu Academy.

Family Classes

At Kung Fu Academy we are honored to host entire families as students. Training with your family can be a fun and productive way to build strong relationships and help indivuals understand each other on a fundamental level. It is also a great way to share a common interest and spend some quality time with your family members. We are strong believers that cost should not limit the ability for a family to build stronger relationships. Which is why we offer special training packages for family's.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed to help individuals meet specific goals at their own speeds. Alone time with an instructor can help people understand specific techniques and fitness strategies. This understanding will excel the skill and fitness level of martial artists into the next level growing confidence and self esteem.

Relaxation and Massage

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Relaxation and reparation are extremely important in building strength, gaining flexibility, and in general fitness. Relax and rebuild with a professional massage session from Tammy Holland.

Birthday Parties

Meet The Instructors

Shifu Bob Holland

(Black Belt, White Sash)

Holland's Kung Fu Academy owner, Shifu Bob Holland, is an 8th Degree, White-Sash, Master of Shaolin Kempo Kung-Fu.

Shifu Bob Holland has over 30 years of serious training, teaching, exploration, and leadership in the martial arts that has culminated in his status as a substantial figure in the martial arts community on Vancouver Island.

From his beginnings in western boxing at age 12, Shifu Bob was attracted to the discipline and perseverance required by the martial arts to achieve personal excellence. Much of his time in the arts has been dedicated to the study of Shaolin Kempo Kung-Fu. This form of Kung-fu combines traditional Kung-Fu with the Kempo techniques introduced to North America from Okinawa via Hawaii by Ed Parker; a martial arts pioneer in the United States and a legend in Kempo Karate. In recent years Shifu Bob Holland, and his teaching methods became a featured portion of the book Me, Chi & Bruce Lee.

Shifu Tammy Holland

(Black Belt, Blue Sash)

Tammy teaches the Colwood kids and after school programs and is our resident Chi Kung Medical Massage and Swedish relaxation massage practitioner. She is known for her sociable personality, her sunny disposition and her love of teaching children.

Her favorite martial arts moments are; the black belt ceremony, seeing people progressing in their training and seeing kids get awarded new belts. Tammy’s martial arts goals are to keep learning and passing knowledge to others as well as being contented mentally and physically.

Shifu Joseph Gee

(Black Belt, Green Sash)

Joseph has been training at Kung fu Academy for 11 years. Achieving his Junior black belt in 2013, he then continued his training to earn an adult black belt in 2016. For the past 3 years Joseph has been assisting Shifu Bob in teaching students Kung Fu. A point of pride for himself is his current rank of flight Sargent in cadets, and one of his future aspirations is to become a first class pilot.

Shifu Charity Huber

(Pre-Black Belt)

Assistant instructor for our junior programs, Charidee, started her training at the age of 9 at Kung fu Academy, achieving the rank of junior Black Belt in 2015. With her loyalty and continued improvement and excellence in Kung Fu Charidee hopes to achieve her Adult Black belt in 2018. If you can't find Charidee at Kung fu Academy you can find her on the honor role list in school and in musical program or find her at a sports camp.

Shifu Jordan Garand

(Brown Belt)

Jordan has spent more than 10 years training in the martial arts. Starting at the age of 7 years old, achieving his black belt in Taekwondo by the age of 12. At the age of 13,Jordan continued his martial art training at Kung Fu Academy, his favourite part about kung fu is training with weapons and looks forward to achieving his black belt in 2019. Jordan has been an excellent role model for kids both inside and outside the academy with achieving excellence in everything he does. When not doing kung fu Jordan can be found playing football and rugby for Belmont. Jordan plans on graduating from Belmont Secondary School in 2018.