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Balance is the key to happiness.

Balance in mind and in body.

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"You have given our kids confidence to pursue they're dreams, to stand up for what they believe in. Confidence to keep trying to do their best in whatever endeavor they choose. You and your staff have embraced the idea that kungfu is for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. And for that we are indebted. Thank you for everything over the years."

--Chris and Barb Yates

"LOVE Kung Fu Academy! My son has so much more focus, and strength (in body and mind), and we have made huge gains towards turning that negativity towards positivity. Bob and Tammy are great! Great for children and great for Adults. I have seriously enjoyed myself on free training sessions and am considering joining once I graduate."

--Evette Patchett

"Honestly, this is such an amazing place! Teaching more than just techniques, I feel Bob & Tammy are setting my son up for life skills & success. I am SO happy we are a part of this family! If you've ever been just sitting on the fence regarding joining yourself, or signing your child up for Kung fu. DO IT! I have seen my son grow into a confident, athletic, happy & healthy boy. He LOVES kung fu! Bonus, is that I get to join in sometimes too!"

--Rebecca Gunderson

The Program

Achieve the best results with our wide variety of training activites!

Cardio Training

We like to incorporate as much fitness into our training ciriculum as possible. This helps our students feel better about themselves as well as become better martial artists.


Meditation is important as it helps us balance out our training. Much like cardio is a work out for our body meditation is exercise for our mind.

Strength Training

Strength comes not just from doing lots of pushups and but also a "can do" attitude. Kung Fu inspires positive thoughts that lead to strong and meaningful actions.


A teacher is not someone who simply imparts knowledge but inspires a student to seek enlightenment.

Sifu Tammy Holland

Owner/Operator and Assistant Instructor
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Black Belt

Blue Sash

Sifu Bob Holland

Owner/Operator and Head Instructor
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Black Belt

White Sash

Jordan Garrand

Assistant Intructor
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Pre Black Belt